How to make the perfect cornflake chicken coating?

Tasty, flaky, crunchy cornflake breading for chicken is a real hit in restaurants today! Everyone, children and adults alike, loves the juicy pieces of chicken meat coated in golden-brown cornflake breading!


Cornflake coating for chicken is often used as a substitute for breadcrumbs, flour, or panko breadcrumb. However, none of these have the crunchiness of the thick cornflakes. What is the real secret of this cornflake chicken breading mix and how to prepare it? Another question, perhaps the most important one, is there a way for restaurants to make it? The answer is yes!cornflake breading for chicken

We want to share with you a few facts about this crunchy cornflake breading for chicken.


We asked a chef of one of the fast-food bistros about the way he prepares his chicken in crispy cornflake breading, and here’s what he had to say:

“I wash, dry, and then cut the chicken breast into long pieces. I peel the garlic and dice it. Then I add it to the meat. I add a little salt, pepper, mild and hot pepper, one egg, and mix it thoroughly. I cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place it in a refrigerator for a minimum of two hours. Later I prepare the breadcrumb coating. I put the cornflake breading in a plastic bag and crush it with a meat mallet. I coat the marinated chicken pieces in crushed cornflakes and fry in hot oil.”

chicken in cornstarch breading


Chicken strips and nuggets are coated differently in another restaurant:


„We crush the cornflakes well, mix them with eggs. We cut the chicken breast meat and season it. We coat the meat in flour and then in the eggs with the cornflakes. We then deep fry the chicken”.


Here’s the way we coat our chicken, and that’s how the cornflake breading is made.


cornflake chicken instruction


Both methods yield a similar result, but restaurant employees mention that the cornflake breading falls off the meat in the fryer. They also talk about the time-consuming process of making the bread crumb coating, as the cornflakes need to be crushed. Moreover, the consumer can see the difference in the final product because of the look of the cornflake chicken coating, and the difference in the levels of cooking of the breading.


„Last time we were here, we had perfect cornflake chicken nuggets. The cornflake coating looked appetizing, and it was crunchy. Today the cornstarch breading flakes are somewhat larger than last time, and our children aren’t happy about that. We will be back and give this restaurant another chance, though.” This kind of customer review clearly shows that the manual preparation of the breading yields different results and lacks the consistency of the look and the taste of dishes.”


There is also the issue of raw eggs in restaurants and their correct handling in the kitchen. According to Food Safety procedures, eggs must be disinfected through:

  • thermal disinfection
  • irradiation

Disinfection takes place in a separate room equipped with a particular irradiation machine, sink, refrigerator, and an area for steaming. It means that a restaurateur would need an additional room and equipment, which means additional costs.

Unfortunately, cornflake breading for chicken comes with these hurdles. Is there a way to mitigate them?

We have some good news for you! There is a restaurant solution that allows you to serve the crispy-coated chicken with golden brown breading that looks just like cornflake coating.


Flaky breading without the cornflakes – is that possible?


Do you want to serve crispy deep-fried chicken in your restaurant and avoid the extra work of making the bread crumb coating by yourself? Take advantage of restaurant-grade, pre-made chicken breading mix. It has all the characteristics of the right American-style fried chicken coating; it’s crunchy and thick. The breading mix has flour-like consistency, and its golden-brown flakes are created with the proper coating technique, all without the cornflakes. The coating method is explained in detail in our instructional video, which is available here.


how to make cornflake crusted chicken


What do you need to work with a ready-to-use product? All you need is a little space in your kitchen for a deep GN container (it should be deep to maintain the area around it clean) and a GN container for cold water. The coating process itself is fast and easy. Just pout the mix out of the bag and into the container, and you’re ready to start coating. Moreover, thanks to the ready solutions, you don’t have to worry about how to make the meat juicy and full of the delicious aroma. All it takes is to marinate the chicken before the coating. The marinade comes with the breading mix as part of the kit.

In this stage of the meal preparation, the chicken becomes juicy. Thanks to the marinade, the breading will stick to the meat even after biting into, cutting, or tearing the meat. It is not food glue that makes the breading stick to the meat. The process does not involve raw eggs either!


Cornflake chicken coating and flaky breading


We asked the experts about the differences between the pre-mixed chicken breading and the DIY cornflake chicken breading, and here’s what they said:

“Thanks to the fact that we can coat the marinated meat, we can prepare crispy chicken nuggets on an ongoing basis without the need to prepare large quantities ahead of time. The coating process itself is also very quick. All you need is the coating mix and cold water. Of course, you need a little practice to make the breading flaky, so it looks like coating made from cornflakes. However, the longer you work with the mix, the easier the process gets. The fact that there is no food glue involved or eggs is a big plus. You don’t have to worry about your hands getting dirty, which makes life in the kitchen difficult. I appreciate the fact that the whole process is very consistent.

Especially when dealing with a high number of employees. One-time instructional training is enough to get the process going. All you need later is to oversee the process. You can be sure that the fried chicken breeding will come out looking great and flaky like it’s supposed to, every time.”


One fried chicken restaurant owner also has something to say about the advantages of working with the breading mix- “making chicken cornflake breading takes a lot of time, and the staff has a difficult time keeping the product consistent. The chicken looks different every time. I cannot afford this to happen as I have loyal customers coming in and expecting to get the same dish every time. Self-made cornflake chicken coating mix does not get the job done, nor does it meet my customers’ expectations! The chicken breading must be user friendly, and it must taste and look even better! The pre-made breading mix we are using exceeds all our expectations. What’s more, thanks to the characteristic flakes, the meat portion seems bigger and more appealing”.


Crispy coated chicken nuggets


Thanks to the ready solutions, you can quickly achieve the flaky cornflake breading effect on chicken, all without the complications with the final product consistency.

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