Videos and Instructions


Instructions on how to prepare the STRIPS (boneless)

The video presents the method of cutting meat for nuggets and shows how to prepare the marinade and how to bread the small quantities of meat.

Instructions on how to prepare the WINGS (elements with bone)

The video presents the method of crispy Wings preparation: how to cut the meat, how to prepare the marinade, and how to bread the wings.

Instructions on how to prepare the crispy FISH!

The video shows how to prepare delicious, crispy fish: how to bread the fish, how to fry the fish so that it is golden brown.

How to prepare wings or strips in the crispy batter?


Ever wonder how to make strips in crispy breading? How about a taste of American Deep-Fried Chicken? We have prepared precise instructional videos that show a step-by-step process of making juicy chicken and delicate fish in the crispy Holly Powder coating.

Check out our videos, download the instructions so you can repeat the process yourself.

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Chicken coating/breading
for restaurants!

New Possibilities! Delicious dishes!

The videos and instructions show how to prepare the dishes using Holly Powder products in an easy, step-by-step way. To prepare the crispy-coated chicken, you will need:

  • the chicken batter/breading
  • the hot/spicy chicken marinade
  • the mild chicken marinade

Remember that the whole process starts with the right preparation of meat! It is essential to pay attention to details like meat temperature, or the way of cutting. All of the processes are detailed in the instructional videos available for download.

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