Company History



We have been specializing in gastronomy since 1993. Since day one, we have focused our efforts mainly on meat production. We started with the mass production of hamburgers and different types of barbeque meats. These products have dominated the local market ever since, especially the burgers which dominated in the fast-food restaurants in the 1990s.

2008 brought about a significant change in our company. We introduced much more complex meat products such as kebabs and gyros, produced in heavy rolls. We make and sell the Kebabs under our Mr. Hash brand.

We have been actively staying connected with our clients and observing the market, which helped us ensure our products meet the restaurateurs’ needs. Ultimately we have created our Holly Powder brand- the crispy coating and marinade for chicken.

The birth of Holly Powder marks another breakthrough moment in the history of our company. The chicken coating and marinade, introduced to the market at the beginning of 2015, reached high levels of popularity in both local and foreign markets. Holly Powder-based dishes fuel the menus of many restaurants in many countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the Seychelles and Iceland.

Chicken fried in our Holly Powder coating stands out thanks to its excellent taste. It makes for a great base dish for an entire restaurant menu. That is how we created Chilli Mili- our franchise system. Chilli Mili serves high quality fried chicken dishes. Today there are 10 Chilli Mili restaurants in Poland and 4 in different countries.

The newest addition to our product range are our HOME MADE DRINKS – Post mix dispenser, refill-type beverages often seen in restaurants. We produce well-known flavored syrups such as Cola, Orange, Lime and Ice Tea. Our clients serve these at their restaurants. The drinks are carbonated, refreshing, sweet and yield a very lucrative profit margin! Make sure to look into it!

Gastronomy has always been our passion, that is why we stay open to the restaurateurs’ needs. We are watching the market closely, and we deliver very high-quality products that people want!

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