Producent marynaty i panierki Holly Powder

You think there is no better way to coat fish and chicken? Yes, there is – Holly Powder!

Extremely delicious, tasty and juicy chicken OR fresh, crispy and flavourful fish – a big revolution and a product you won´t forget. “ONCE YOU TRY – YOU CAN´T STOP”.

An appetizing taste which makes you want more right from the first bite. We created our marinade and coating to be special and unique in each way. It takes ONLY a few minutes for preparing an exquisite meal with our proven technology. An unforgettable taste and experience!!

Great taste guaranteed by serving our coated chicken, for example in sandwiches, hamburgers, in take–away boxes or wrapped in tortillas combined with any beverage. To complete a perfect meal – EAT them with chips and salads or other side dishes! We offer as well a mild version of our product, preferred by children and people who like it less flavoured. All chicken pieces stay crispy and juicy in a heater.

Creating a delicious meal does not require a lot. All you need is a common fryer to make stripes and wings.




Follow us for preparation instructions of Holly powder coating and marinade.





Have a look at our delicious chicken stripes right after being fried. The golden and shiny colour of our crispy coating increases the appetite for more. They look excellently and taste even better.





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