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Holly Powder – Fried Chicken Coating Mix.

The American-style, juicy deep-fried chicken is a dish that everyone loves. Now thanks to Holly Powder products, you can serve that perfectly crispy deep-fried chicken.

You can use our products to prepare crispy strips, hot wings, chicken burgers and salads topped with flaky, crispy chicken, coated with our mix. Holly Powder commercial chicken breading base is a tried and tested solution for the perfect chicken.

Order Now the specially prepared Holly Powder Starter Kit that includes:

  • Chicken coating mix – 1pack. 7 kg,
  • Marinade for chicken mild flavor x 2 pack,
  • Marinade for chicken hot flavor x 2 pack,
  • Instructions how to use it,
  • Samples of Packaging (Buckets, Boxes).


Cost of starter kit: 35,80 net EUR (including shipment)!*

* involves orders sending to European Economic Area countries, outside EEA price depends on the shipment cost.

Chicken Breading Manufacturer - Holly Powder

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You already know how to easily make excellent chicken in crispy coating. Are you now wondering how to compose an interesting and tasteful menu based on fried, battered chicken? Wonder how to successfully promote new dishes?

Are you looking for professional pictures, posters, buckets and boxes to serve dishes with fried chicken?
Perhaps you need professional training on how to make breaded chicken nuggets or coated chicken wings, straight from the crispy coating manufacturer.

As a fried chicken powder supplier, we have the necessary know-how to offer our tested procedures and valid business tools. We also provide constant support and professional solutions to all concerns and issues that you may have along the way.

Find out what business opportunities we can offer and how we can help your business grow.

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When introducing crunchy breaded chicken to your restaurant’s menu, you look for top quality products in order to make great dishes. What actually makes the dishes great? Do you only consider the coating taste or its practical application?


If you are just planning on getting commercial chicken breading, the taste will surely be on the top of the criteria list. How about the chicken inside the coating? Will it come out juicy, delicious, and full fantastic aroma? or is it only about the flavor? Perhaps an additional substantive and marketing support provided by the coating supplier will be necessary?

Take a closer look at what makes Holly Powder products different, and you will soon see that top quality is not the only reason to choose them.

What chicken coating to choose?

Which coating mix to go with, hot or mild? The answer is quite simple. The Holly Powder coating mix is universal! We have just one type of crispy coating, regardless of the fried chicken dish to be served. You don’t have to worry about which coating mix to go with. As the fried chicken breading supplier we’ve got you covered! The base flavor comes from the kind of marinade you apply- hot or mild. This makes it a very efficient and comfortable solution for any kitchen. You only need one kind of breading mix, and that is the only thing to get.

You might be wondering about the taste? Let us explain.

Is it necessary to marinate the meat?

As we have mentioned, the Holly Powder chicken coating comes in one flavor only. In order to make juicy and tasty chicken, you will also need:

  • Mild marinade for chicken.
  • Or, hot marinade.

The marinade is an excellent composition of spices that you mix with water and apply to the meat. Marinating allows the breaded chicken meat to reach its full potential in terms of taste. The meat comes out juicy, soft and it tears wonderfully with every bite.

Marinating is a very important step. The marinade soaks into the meat fully and the chicken has a delicious and consistent flavor. Consistency is very important in the restaurant business. A dish should always taste the same; have the same aroma, level of juiciness, spiciness, or even the amount of salt. The mild and hot marinades work very well with all parts of the chicken.

Can I quickly prepare breaded chicken?

The speed and simplicity of making crunchy fried chicken pieces are key for a restaurant. Using Holly Powder products in your kitchen (the marinade and the coating mix), you will improve the entire process.  As the fried chicken breading supplier we know just how to make your job easier.  The marinade and the coating mix are ready to use right out of the bag. No need for additional ingredients like eggs, salt, or pepper. The marinating and coating processes are easy to remember.


Detailed instructions and instructional videos, available here, will make the preparation easy


How do the crunchy flakes get created?

The golden, crunchy flakes are a very recognizable element of deep-fried chicken. Even though you bread your chicken with a powdery mix, you will see the characteristic flakes appear on the coating while frying. They make the portion seem larger and much more appetizing.

The final dish comes out crunchy; the coating is not hard, stiff or rubbery. It maintains its crunchiness for a very long time making it an excellent option for takeaway, delivery, or for food warmer displays.

Where does the spiciness come from?

It is not a coincidence that Holly Powder products taste great. Our goal was to create spiciness that can be felt after a bite, and it was important that it would not dominate the juicy flavor of the meat. To achieve the goal we used chili extract in the marinade, not just ground chili.

fried chicken powder and marinade

We understood that the taste would come out lightly spicy, which would grow with consumption, but also wane away after taking a bite of something else or sipping a drink. The level of spiciness was tested over a period of many months with trusted customers. Today we can proudly say that most people love it. You ought to know that every ingredient in our product was carefully considered.

Do I need a bonding agent?

Holly Powder products work very well with each other, and there is absolutely no need for additional ingredients like bonding agents. When you cut, tear or bite into the chicken, you will see that the coating sticks to the meat and the crunch is pronounced with each bite. The fried chicken can be cut into smaller pieces and used in salads.

breaded chicken burger

When using only two products we save a lot of time and room on our worktop. We can keep our work station clean, and we shorten the amount of time needed for preparation (bonding agent and an additional stage). We use less chicken coating mix, which is not without a reason. Bonding agents get into coating mix, creating lumps that need to be discarded after the coating.

How to advertise the fried chicken menu?

You have successfully learned the marinating and the breading techniques, and fried chicken has finally made it to your menu. Everything is great, fresh, and crunchy. Now it is time to inform your customers about the dishes. Take advantage of our professional picture and poster gallery free of charge. There is a lot of content available for you to use in social media outlets or your website. Be effective in promoting your new dishes. Need ready recipes? Ask us about a burger or a tortilla wrap recipe.

How long does it take to deliver an order from the fried chicken breading supplier?

We understand that when a restaurant needs something, it needs it right away. Something has just run out and you need a quick delivery. When serving fried, breaded chicken, you must be sure that the breading mix and the marinade will be delivered quickly and on time.

We know how important that is, and we put a lot of effort for the order to be shipped the same day. In most cases, Holly Powder products are delivered the next business day.

How can I give Holly Powder products a try?

You have noticed that breaded chicken is a dish that is loved by virtually everyone. You notice the sales potential and you plan on introducing fried chicken dishes to your menu. This is where the question arises – which commercial chicken breading to go with? When tasting different flavors, you shouldn’t have to order a large quantity of the product you do not know. We understand that.

The Holly Powder starter kit is just one bag of the fried chicken coating powder and a marinade. Not only can you order a small quantity of the product to test it, but the shipping cost is also on us! You only pay for the kit.

fried chicken breading and spicy chicken marinade


See how many details must be considered when making a final rating on the breading mix and marinade? The choice can’t be based solely on flavor and price. Notice that comparing the price between products isn’t always reliable. Different products from different producers can give different yields. It means that 1kg of a mix doesn’t always give the same amount of a ready product.

A cheap breading mix usually has a low yield, some lumps need to be filtered out, the breading gets dirty Is low price alone an advantage? Isn’t it the taste that brings customers in?


Try our Holly Powder products today and get a real reference point as to what fried chicken should taste like, and what is the best chicken coating powder on the market. Holly Powder offers you fried chicken breading wholesale.


Would you like to serve great fried chicken coated in delicious coating? What if we told you that the fried chicken coating was delicious, slightly spicy, super crunchy, but also very easy to prepare? You might have seen the photos of our dishes, or you might have tasted them during the trade fairs or one of our training events, if so, you know exactly what we are talking about.


The Holly Powder chicken coating tastes just as good as it looks! It is a different kind of chicken coating that makes it possible for restaurateurs to make fried chicken dishes easily. Would you be able to prepare a similar chicken coating yourself? You could certainly try, and you should expect many problems along the way as the breading could either get burned or the chicken wouldn’t be fully cooked. Also, the coating probably would not have that perfect flaky and crunchy texture.

fried chicken coating mix

This situation, like many others, could happen if the meat is not prepared correctly, starting with the marinate, then the coating and frying.The super crunchy Holly Powder chicken coating mix is a very easy-to-use product! All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions, and you will avoid the following problems.

REMEMBER! Every detail of fried chicken coating preparation is essential.

Mistake 1: The Chicken Coating does not have the thick and flaky texture

Correctly marinated and breaded chicken should come out golden brown and covered with tasty and crunchy flakes. The ingredients of the chicken breading mix have been carefully composed so that the coating grows in hot oil. The same effect goes for both the mild and spicy chicken coating mix. To ensure that it happens, it is important to marinate and coat the chicken in the coating mix according to the instructions!

What could be the reason for our fried chicken coating being flat and not at all flaky? First of all, not adequately marinated chicken. Pay attention to the amount of water that is used for the marinade. Make sure the water is cold, with ice cubes, for best results—secondly, the improper chicken coating. The meat must be coated twice. The breading mix should be sifted thoroughly every once in a while.

Possible errors of deep-frying: after the coating, the meat wasn’t immediately placed in hot oil, or the temperature inside the frying machine was too low.

Mistake 2: The product is too greasy- the fried chicken coating is soaked with fat

In case of this happens, make sure the frying temperature is set to 170°C. This is not an issue of improper marinating or chicken coating. If the frying temperature is correct and the chicken still comes out too greasy, it is mostly because of a large amount of chicken in the frying machine. In this situation, the oil temperature drops rapidly, and the chicken boils instead of getting fried crispy.

It is essential to store the fired chicken properly after cooking. If you are using a heating display, make sure that the drain grate is correctly installed. Chicken pieces coated in spicy or mild chicken coating should not be placed on top of each other, so the grease does not seep through into other pieces.

Mistake 3: The inside is not cooked thoroughly

Just like before, this could be a problem with frying. However, the breaded chicken itself should meet certain criteria for the final product always to look and taste great.

breaded fried chicken

In the event, the chicken is not completely fried, make sure that the meat elements have been cut into the correct size. Every chicken strip or a nugget should weigh around 25-30 g. The wings should be about 50g.

When the chicken is cut into correct size elements, it is time to marinate it. For elements with bones, the water within helps aids the frying. Remember that the meat should be massaged thoroughly. Skipping that might cause it to be fried incorrectly.

The chicken should be fried right after coating. Do not coat too many pieces of meat right away and avoid putting too many pieces in a fryer at once. The fryer temperature must be set at 170°C. Otherwise, the chicken might come out soggy, instead of being perfectly crunchy and flaky.

The last thing you should pay attention to is frying time. Breaded chicken should be fried for about 3.5 minutes. The wings take around 7 minutes; the drumsticks or thighs take 12 minutes.


It is enough to use a regular fryer to fry small chicken pieces in crispy coating. The larger number of chicken requires a pressure fryer.

Mistake 4: The color of the coating is too light

What if our chicken comes out not entirely as we expected, or the coating is too light. There can be a few reasons for this.If the chicken was properly coated, according to our instructions, check if it was fried at the correct temperature and for the right amount of time. These two details have a direct effect on the color of our super crispy coating. It is possible for the chicken to come out a bit light when fried in fresh oil (first batch) or when the oil used is not up to standards (the correct oil should be a mix of palm, canola, and around 20% sunflower).

chicken coating mix

Should you have additional questions on the type of oil to be used for the chicken to look just as in our photos (coated with super crispy breading), contact us- we will help you choose the right oil.

Mistake 5: The meat underneath the coating is red

If the chicken coating looks the way it should on the outside but is red on the inside, something must have gone wrong. Why is our golden brown, crispy chicken red on the inside? The correct meat temperature had not been ensured prior to frying. It must have been exposed to too much heat while in transport, marinating, or storing (the meat temperature rose to above 4°C). The second reason could be the water temperature used in marinating being too high.

Remember to always keep the meat at the right temperature. It is crucial not only for the right, appetizing look of the fried chicken but for the taste as well.

Mistake 6: The coating does not stick to the chicken

The ingredient of our HOLLY POWDER coating is a unique recipe that ensures the coating to stick to the meat and is easy to prepare. The chicken should be crispy with every bite! In the event the chicken coating is falling off the meat, there must have been a mistake in one or more of the preparation steps.

The marinating is when the first mistake might have happened. If you have too much water during the marinating, it will evaporate during frying, creating so-called empty spaces between the meat and the chicken coating. The second mistake that might happen, which results in our super crunchy coating fall off the meat, is improper coating. The coating for chicken must be pressed into the meat according to our CPT (collect, press, toss) method.

cornflake chicken instruction

Now that you know how to avoid the most common mistakes that can happen when using our Holly Powder products, you can enjoy the easy way of preparing chicken covered in the ideal, delicious, and easy-to-make chicken coating.


Here’s a list of requirements on how to correctly prepare a tasty, juicy chicken covered in a crunchy Holly Powder chicken coating that is quick to prepare. Why did the chicken come out dry and there are discolorations on the coating? The answer to these and a few more questions are in this article!


The bitter taste of the breading, dark color, dry chicken, or a breading layer that is too thick- these are possible scenarios you might see when serving breaded fried chicken. How to avoid them? We are coming to the rescue!

fried chicken coating

Mistake 7: The bitter taste of the coating and an intensive, dark color

The chicken coating might get too dark after frying. Even though the taste and flavor are all there, the color does not look appealing. It isn’t a knock on the breading itself; it simply got a little burnt. `There are two reasons for that. The first one is oil being too old and overused. It is very important to change the oil in the frying machine often. The quality of the oil is key when it comes to the final outcome of the dish. Your customers will surely appreciate that the chicken is crunchy thanks to its delicious coating and that it is always fried in fresh oil!

The second reason is overcooking. Breaded chicken that was fried too long or in overly high temperature (over 170°C). This makes the coating bitter, and the meat dry.

chicken coating

Mistake 8: The meat is not juicy

Fried Chicken made with Holly Powder products not only has the most appetizing, crunchy chicken coating, but it also is juicy and flavorful. If your chicken is too dry, pay close attention to the proper marinating of the meat.Remember that it is the marinade that gives the meat its character. The marinade soaks into the meat and makes it very juicy and tender. Remember to massage the meat while marinating it. As a chicken marinade producer, we have created two kinds of marinades:

  • Mild marinade;
  • Hot marinade.

You will find them in the Products tab.

Ensure the chicken pieces have the correct size. Chicken strips that are too thin tend to be dry.


As we have already mentioned above, if we cook the breaded chicken in too high a temperature, the meat will lose its juiciness. A similar thing will happen if we fry it too long.

breading dishes

Mistake 9: Sharp, long flakes on the chicken coating

The coating on your chicken looks strange, the flakes do not seem right, and they are unnaturally long. It appears that the chicken was coated too vigorously. It is possible that the meat was being tossed too much or from a certain height.


Please read the instruction manual once again or watch the instructional video. The more chicken elements you coat with the fried chicken powder, the more skill you will acquire!


fried chicken batter mix

Mistake 10: Hollow spaces inside the breading

You are well aware that the ideal coating for chicken should stick to the meat throughout and coat it nicely. Why then, after frying the chicken do we see some areas of the meat without the perfect, flaky chicken coating? When coating the chicken, remember that you don’t press it too hard when carrying chicken elements from bowl to plate. If the coating gets pressed too hard against the meat it may be incorrectly fried and bubble up.

Mistake 11: The wings are covered with a very thick layer of chicken coating

We do talk a lot about breaded chicken nuggets, as the boneless elements are the most popular dishes in our clients’ restaurants. Why don’t we discuss some crispy chicken wings for a change!

fried chicken coatings

It may happen that the coating on the wings gets too flaky. There might be two reasons for this. Both have to do with the correct coating of the chicken. When coating wings (unlike the strips), we skip the first water step that is we put the marinated meat straight from the marinade into the coating mix. If you put the wings in the water twice, you will coat them with an overly thick layer of coating. That is a reason why the chicken wings will have too much coating on them.

The other reason for the coating for chicken being too thick is the fact that the coating mix was not pressed into the meat or pressed too gently.

Mistake 12: Discoloring or small spots on the chicken coating

As you know, the super crunchy, perfect chicken coating should have a golden-brown, appetizing color. Why then do we have these discolorings or small red spots on the breading? There are two reasons for that. First, there was only one coating done on the chicken, the second coating was skipped; or, the temperature cycle was broken. The chicken got too warm during transport, the marinating, or the coating (this happens when the chicken temperature goes over 4°C).

Remember to never break the temperature discipline. Coat only well-chilled meat.

Now you know how to eliminate any mistake that you might make when working with the Holly Powder chicken coating. Remember that in case of any problems, you can always refer to our website, instructional videos, or our manuals to marinate and coat your perfect chicken.


As a chicken powder supplier and marinate producer, we are always here to help. In case of any additional questions, please contact us directly by calling or filling out the contact form available in the Contact tab.

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