You will find the FAQs list below. We’ve made every effort to foresee all possible questions.

However, if the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, please contact us!

Purchase Orders

  • Are you interested in giving the Holly Powder products a try?
    As a chicken coating producer, we'd like to offer you a Starter Kit which will let you try our products. The Starter Kit includes: - 1x Chicken and Fish Coating (7kg pack), - 4 x chicken marinade (2 hot and 2 mild). The cost of the Starter Kit - 35,80 net EUR. The ready coating and real American-style chicken within reach of your... kitchen :) Contact us at +48 668 104 846 or e-mail: sales@cartelfoods.pl to order the test kit.
  • How can I place an order?
    The coating can be ordered by phone, email, or by filling out the order form available on our website, www.hollypowder.com Contact us at +48 668 104 846 or sales@cartelfoods.pl
  • How long does it take to process my order?
    All orders are delivered within 3 days (weekdays) by courier service. If you place your order before 1 pm, the ready chicken coating will be sent your way on the same day. Orders placed after 1 pm will be processed the following business day.
  • What is the minimum order?
    There is no logistical minimum. However, if your order exceeds the value of 100 Euro, the shipment is free. IMPORTANT! Ask one of our employees to help you complete your order, so it reaches that value. The packet includes the crispy coating and chicken marinade. We could also add food containers to the same shipment and save you the shipping expense.


  • What is the cost of delivery?
    Shipping costs for packaging and marinades and chicken coating are determined individually.


  • What are the available methods of payment?
    The preferred method of payment for our Holly Powder products is to pay upon delivery. We also have an option to make an advance payment for our returning clients.
  • How will I receive the invoice?
    We send the invoice along with the shipment. If you'd like to receive your invoice via email, please let us know about that.
  • I have lost my invoice, can I receive a duplicate?
    Call us or write us a message concerning the issue, and we will send you a duplicate.


  • What is the yield of the marinade?
    The mild chicken marinade (170 g) is enough to marinade 5 kg of meat. The hot marinade (130 g) is enough to marinade 5 kg of meat.
  • What is the yield of the coating?
    The chicken coating comes in 7 kg packages. & kg of coating is enough for about 15-20 kg of meat. IMPORTANT! The right battering technique and experience is important as it can save some coating.
  • What is the expiration date for both the marinade and the coating?
    The chicken marinade is to be used within 12 months from the production date. In the case of the coating, the expiration date is 6 months from the production date.


  • Do you have photographs of dishes from the Holly Powder menu?
    We certainly do. We own an extensive gallery of professional photographs of our dishes. To view the photos, visit www.hollypowder.pl or ask any of our employees to send you a list of available images. We have pictures of: - chicken buckets, - pictures of chicken strips, - pictures of fried chicken, - pictures of fried chicken wings, - chicken burgers, - and more.
  • What is the cost of the pictures?
    Most pictures are FREE OF CHARGE. The images from the paid gallery are PLN 50 per image. Remember! Every photograph with crispy fried chicken is based on the Holly Powder dishes.
  • Which marketing content can I use?
    We have prepared marketing support for our clients. Find the below list of available content to use: - Suggested restaurant names, - Restaurant logos suggestions, - Poster of a bucket with fried chicken, - Poster of chickenburger, - Poster of beverage refill, - Table stands, - The price list/menu (to be hung on a wall, a few suggestions), - A menu flier, - Event suggestions, - Additional action plan for restaurants, - Restaurant promotion suggestions, - Suggested Facebook entries, - etc...

Returns and Complaint

  • The goods have been damaged during shipment, how can I file a product complaint?
    We take many precautions and secure our shipments properly. If you happen to notice any issues when receiving your delivery, please do not hesitate to fill out a Damaged Goods Form with the driver, and take a few pictures of the damages. Send the photos and a scanned copy of the paperwork on our email address so we can file a complaint with the courier.
  • The product is mislabeled or acts differently than expected (different yield, the coating doesn't stay on the meat, etc...), can I file a product complaint?
    The pieces of chicken in our coating are prepared correctly and should look exactly like on the photographs and the instructional video. If the chicken looks different than expected, please study the instructions and try again. REMEMBER! Every small detail is significant to follow! Carefully check the coating proportions and prepare the meat step-by-step. If the problem persists, contact us and describe the issue. Send the message to sales@cartelfoods.pl

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