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Do Kebab bistros, pizzerias and ice cream shops prosper in your town? That’s good news! Bring something new to the table. Crispy battered chicken doesn’t have strong competition on the market, and it is a dish loved by everyone! We offer you full support if you decide to open your own crispy-coated chicken restaurant.

We offer flexible business relationship, one, which allows you to take advantage of the full range of solutions we offer, or only the ones you need. We will enable you to work independently, and we provide constant support. Use our experience and knowledge. You make decisions on how your restaurant should look like, and you decide on its budget.

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Have you already got a name and logo for your restaurant?

The right, appetizing, easy-to-remember name for your restaurant that has the right graphic design is the correct direction in creating a recognizable brand. If you are thinking about how to name your restaurant and how to choose a logo, check our suggestions. You will find a few examples below. Every logo can be modified, so your restaurant stands out in the local market!



We have developed a complete restaurant menu based on battered chicken dishes. You may use all the recipes on our menu or only the ones you like. You can make your own adjustments to it as well.

We will provide you with quick recipes for all the dishes on the menu- starting with bucket of hot wings and fries, to all sorts of burgers, tortillas and chicken salads.

Every recipe lists all of the ingredients in detail, their weight, the order and method in preparation, the suggested name for the dish, the serving method for both eat in and take away, and a suggested retail price along with the production cost calculation.

All of the dishes on the menu have been photographed, and the pictures depict realistic dishes. Take a look at the entire menu list below. The high quality of the photos will let you make exclusive promotional content such as fliers, posters, banners, wall screens. The images are also ideal for marketing in the press and social media.



The right advertisement and the proper dish promotion is essential to remember when opening a new crispy chicken restaurant.

To make the task easier, we have developed price lists, menu boards and fliers, all based on individual menu items. All crispy chicken marketing content is cohesive and complete, and it will help you work in your local market. The content can be edited, you can place your logo and prices onto it.



Don’t forget to advertise your dishes!

Find a visible place within your restaurant, which can be designated for an ad poster. Take advantage of the crispy chicken posters we have made available for you. All of them can be edited, and you can place your logo and prices onto them.  We know that restaurant customers love holiday specials and new things, and for that reason, we have made seasonal posters.

Stay in touch with us; we are always growing our promotional content.



Do you need specialized training for your employees? Maybe you are considering a journey through the word of gastronomy and need a professional introduction?

Open your own chicken restaurant and take advantage of our training package. Our qualified chef will visit your restaurant. He will show you how to marinade and coat chicken meat in batter properly, and how to prepare every dish on the menu. He will also show you how to work in the kitchen efficiently.



Did you know that many restaurant owners are already enjoying running their restaurant based on our crispy chicken? It is a sign of success for us! It also provides us with rich knowledge and experience. We know which technological solutions will work well in the kitchen and how to design the working area properly. We also work with a sanitary specialist who knows the technology and kitchen specifications based on crispy-coated chicken very well.

You will receive an operation manual from us where you will be able to find detailed shopping lists of big and small appliances necessary to run your kitchen. You will save time and money, and you can be sure you have the right tools for the job.



It is vital to promote your dishes well! Take advantage of our vast gastronomy picture gallery. Post them on Facebook, your website, and other social media outlets. Show your appetizing menu to your customers and make them want to come to your restaurant.

Take a look at our free picture gallery.



Open your own fried chicken restaurant. 

If you’d like to take advantage of the great business model and tested solutions for a state-of-the-art fried chicken restaurant, check our Chilli Milli franchise opportunity.

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