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Ever wonder how to create a menu based on battered, crispy chicken? Are you a restaurant owner looking for new dishes to add to your list?

Take advantage of our ready and tested crispy chicken burger, tortilla and salad recipes in boxes, and buckets.

We provide full menus based on battered chicken. A realistic photograph professionally presents each menu item. Use the pictures for your own marketing needs or use our array of available posters, fliers and menu boards. Take a look at all our golden brown chicken menu items and their promotional content below.

If you are interested in business cooperation or if you have any questions, you can reach us at +48 668 104 846.




We will help you with the visual design of the menu.

We have built a full menu around our crispy battered chicken as well as complete price lists, menu boards and fliers based on all the dishes.

The marketing content is visually esthetic with a color theme fitting most indoor spaces. All the leaflets have been made to truly reflect the dishes with the use of realistic, professional photographs. You can easily edit all marketing content, place your logo, and your address information on the pictures.

If you’d like to serve full combo meals with beverages in your restaurant, learn more about the HOME MADE DRINKS, they will perfectly complete your product mix.



We help you promote your dishes!

We have prepared a series of promotional posters with crispy-coated chicken that you can hang both on the inside and outside of your place of business, or place them in a swing board. The signs can be easily edited so you can put your logo and prices on them.

Additionally, a few times a year, we prepare seasonal posters around specific holidays. Stay in touch with us as our poster database is always growing.



We offer professional gastronomy training on how to prepare all the dishes from the suggested menu.

A qualified chef will show you how to organize all the activities involving the preparation of the battered chicken and how to serve it properly. These dishes include chicken burgers, chicken salads, coleslaw, crispy chicken tortillas, chicken wings and battered strips. Allow one to two days to complete the training.

If you are interested in our training for both you and your employees, contact us at +48 668 104 846.




The crispy chicken promotional content is an ideal advertisement for your restaurant!

Take advantage of our rich photo gallery, free of charge. They are perfect for the Internet ad campaign. Use them on your Fan Page, your website and other social media outlets.

Take a look at more of the photos under the “Free Photo Gallery” tab.



Have we convinced you that crispy chicken dishes have no competition?

Find out how we can help you open your own, brand new chicken restaurant.

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