Breading table – the practical solution in a successful catering business

A breading table is a very important part of the kitchen equipment in a catering establishment, especially one serving breaded chicken-based dishes. As a chicken coating mix manufacturer we recommend the purchase of such a durable food preparation table. Of course, coating with ready-made chicken breading can be done on a regular bench top. However, it is worth remembering that a professional food preparation table makes coating meat convenient, fast and more… economical. How does it work? Find out why a durable food preparation table is an appliance worth finding a place for even in the smallest kitchen area.

Catering bench used in breading


Professional breading tables

Anyone involved in the preparation of breaded chicken knows how important it is to get the coating process right. In order for this to be possible, it is important to follow the instructions, to follow the individual steps precisely, to perform the indicated number of repetitions. In order to streamline the work and at the same time ensure a satisfying result: that the chicken breading mix is perfectly crispy and frayed, it is worth using a practical solution such as a professional breading table.


Professional stainless-steel bench


Breading table – equipment

Coating food on the breading table is very convenient and comfortable. This is due to the facilities used in this food preparation device. The table has special containers for water and for the coating. They are placed in holes in the table, which provides a high level of working comfort, eliminates the risk of the container tipping over, and makes it easier to keep things tidy while working. The coating container GN 2/1/150 or, in the case of smaller quantities of coating, the smaller but deeper 1/1/200 container will easily hold the amount of coating you need for proper breading.


Bench used in catering

Convenience of breading

By being sufficiently large and high, the breading table ensures that the breader can work comfortably. Another noteworthy convenience of the meat coating table is its mobility. Thanks to the castors, the table can be easily moved to any location, making it easy to keep clean.

Electric breading tables

Breading tables with an electrically powered breading sieving system are available on the market. The system includes a brush, a strainer and two, under-top containers. It is both convenient and economical. It not only saves time, but also money. How?


Table for professional breading

Meat coating table with breading sieving system

Always sieve the coating after breading. We will be able to reuse the crumbled coating. Sieving can be done manually – with a sieve, or with an electric sieving table. The latter is much quicker and more efficient. The machine will thoroughly sieve the coating in a few moments, keeping coating loss to a minimum. Clean breading will go into one container, dirty breading into another. Using the table guarantees less coating usage and saves time.


Professional bench for breading meat


Stainless steel tables

Meat breading tables, like any food preparation tables, should be made of easily washable and damage-resistant materials such as stainless steel, for example. A stainless steel table is a guarantee of long-term, trouble-free use. It is worth investing in a good quality bench top – it will serve us for many years.


Table for breading meat


Equipment that works in any restaurant

The breading table just like a heated cabinet or any other piece of catering equipment improves the comfort of work, makes it easier and more efficient. It will work well in all restaurant configurations – especially one that offers chicken, fish or other coated meat on the menu.

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