The Secret of COATING in KFC style

The characteristic crispy coating on chicken served in KFC has its fans all over the world. The secret recipe is searched for not only by chefs cooking at home, but also by those who run their own restaurant, fast food outlet, restaurant, burger house or pizzeria. Therefore, how to prepare juicy chicken pieces like from KFC, covered with a golden and original coating? And what is the secret? The marinade and the special coating for chicken or maybe the way of coating?

crispy coating for chicken

If you have come here, you are surely looking for an original recipe for crispy breaded chicken. Since our key products are chicken bread crumbs and marinades (mild and spicy), we decided to show you how to marinate and coat chicken breasts. Best of all, you don’t have to make the coating or marinade yourself or search for various recipes on the internet on how to prepare them properly. All you have to do is use our ready-made products, which are perfect for catering.

In this article we answer such questions as: how to prepare chicken breast? How to make delicious nuggets and wings just like the ones from KFC; If you run a catering business, does it make sense to make your own breadcrumbs? And how do you season chicken so that the flavor is outstanding? These are just some of the questions that arise during our conversations with you, so we focus on them in this text. In addition, we publish our original recipe for crispy breaded chicken. Enjoy reading!

How to achieve the effect of cornflake like coating?

Most of us wonder how it is possible that the original, jagged flakes appear on meat. Does KFC use corn flakes in their secret original recipe? NO. In order to achieve delicious taste and appetizing look of dishes the key is not only the product itself (marinade and gastronomy coating) but also the way of coating. Distinctive, mild or spicy taste will be obtained after marinating the meat but the original structure of the coating will be achieved only if we follow our coating instructions step by step.


fried chicken

What will you need to prepare crispy chicken like from KFC?

Step I – preparation of meat and marinade

  • Chicken breasts, wings or other pieces with or without bone
  • Cold water and ice (50% water, 50% crushed ice)
  • Ready-made marinade for chicken – mild or spicy

Step II – coating

  • crispy coating for chicken Holly Powder;
  • a container for coating and a container with water;
  • a basket for placing the meat in the water;
  • tongs for placing marinated meat between water and coating;
  • a sieve to sift through the breadcrumbs.

Step III – frying

  • Frying grease
  • Fryer or deep fryer

Key Information!

  1. To prepare KFC chicken pieces, you need to select fresh meat and cut it into pieces accordingly.
  2. Next, you are going to marinate the meat, using either a mild or spicy marinade. After marinating, refrigerate the meat, preferably overnight.
  3. When coating, remember not to touch the meat directly with your hands but through the breadcrumbs.
  4. Do the coating according to the rules. It is due to the unique breading method that the characteristic flakes appear on the meat already at the moment of breading.
  5. Oil in the fryer should be heated up to 170°C. Frying the strips lasts 3.5 minutes.

You can see the entire instructions for the secret batter in the infographic below.

coating chicken instructions

What role does marinating meat have?

In marinades there are many spices which penetrate the meat deeply for several hours in order to give it a deep flavour, proper sharpness and distinctness. During marinating, the meat acquires the basis for not only looking great and impressive in a crispy coating, but also for tasting great. This multitude of spices in the marinade combined with their ideal composition also contributes to the fact that breaded pieces of chicken enchant… smell and, most importantly, TASTE!

To help you marinate and bread the meat you may also find our video helpful, showing you exactly how to do each step. More videos can also be found on our website, under “Videos and Instructions”.

Chicken served at KFC charms with its crispiness and the taste of breadcrumbs, which is why it is so popular almost all over the world! However, you can prepare such a dish using Holly Powder products.

The trials and tests were carried out by our team of technologists and the recipes were perfected down to the smallest detail. So don’t worry about any failures – marinade and coating for chicken Holly Powder in hand!


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