How to create the ideal menu for children in your restaurant?

Are you planning to introduce kids menu in your restaurant and wondering where to start? How do you create a kids menu so that it is appealing, tasty and meets expectations of your youngest guests? Check out our suggestions, find out why chicken for kids is the perfect option and use the knowledge to create an appealing kids menu at your restaurant!


Menu for children


A must on the kids menu

Do you think that creating the perfect children’s menu is a challen? Nothing could be further from the truth! Using the knowledge and experience of the restaurateurs and chefs who work with Holly Powder, we have put together ideas for dishes that should be a must on every kids party menu.

Kids’ lunch in your restaurant

So what should be on kids menu? Definitely dishes that children are most likely to choose for their lunch. In this case, it is not worth experimenting too much – kids most like to eat what they already know. Chicken soup, pancakes, dumplings with heavy cream and fruit – these dishes are very often featured on kids menus. It is certainly worth adding coated chicken to this set of dishes.


snack table from the kids' menu

Chicken for the hearty and picky eaters

Why should chicken be included in the children’s party food ideas? We asked Ms Maria, the long-time owner of the restaurant, which offers chicken dishes as party food for young party guests.

“Why do we serve coated chicken? Firstly, because children love chicken! Secondly, they know the taste of it, so they don’t have to worry that what the waiter brings them on a tray won’t be to their liking. Thirdly, coated chicken offers so many possibilities! You can create a whole menu based on it – and not just for children!


snack table from the kids' men

Chicken as a snack

Coated chicken can be served as a main dinner dish – simply serve it with side dishes such as French fries, salads or sauces. Coated chicken pieces are also a great snack option. Hungry youngsters will love the golden nuggets for their lunch – crispy, tasty and nutritious.

Kinder Ball at your restaurant

Hosting birthday parties at your restaurant is a real gold mine! Parents are always looking for new venues and ideas to celebrate their child’s birthday, so preparing a kid’s birthday party offer in your restaurant will surely enthusiastically received. How to create such an offer? We checked how the pros do it.


sandwiches for children's lunch in the open air


Our birthday offer looks poor, but is really popular ,” assures Mr Jarosław, the owner of a small, family-run pizzeria we offer a decorated play space, colourful table settings and a delicious menu for children and their guardians. Parents also often hire a children’s entertainer – in which case various workshops and games are organised here during the birthday party. Every time, the children leave happy – full and grinning from ear to ear.”


a bowl of French fries from the children's birthday menu

Birthday menu for kids

What to serve at a birthday party at the restaurant? It is best to offer dishes that can be eaten every day in your restaurant, but in a different, celebratory way. Consider this opportunity as a chance to promote your dishes. Give it a colourful, appealing makeover. Chicken nuggets can come in all sorts of fun shapes, salad can be served in the form of rolls and sandwiches can resemble cute little boats. The children (and even the parents!) are sure to enjoy it.


birthday burgers for kids

Tasty food is the key

Tasty, colourful food is the key, but it’s not the only thing that matters. So take care of the entire setting as well. From the tableware to the decorations in the restaurant, let your guests feel the atmosphere of a birthday party. Balloons, streamers, garlands – and even confetti! You may be in for a bit more cleaning than usual, but – believe it – it’s really worth it. These little additions can work wonders – and change an ordinary property into a land from a child’s fantasy.


menu for children restaurant

Birthday offer – birthday in the open air

Does your restaurant have a garden for customers? It can become the perfect place to host a birthday party. Fresh air, a place to hang a piñata or play various games creates more possibilities. It is worth making the most of them, as Zosia and Michał, a married couple who runs a restaurant with a garden, have done:

Children love birthday parties in the garden. We blow giant bubbles, organise a bottle cap tournament, children hit the piñata. There is a lot of laughter, good fun and good food. We always make sure that our birthday menu for children consist of dishes that can be easily taken outside.”


restaurant menu for kids

Birthday kids party food ideas – takeaway option

If your restaurant is too small to host birthday parties for children and you’re looking for ideas to broaden your offer, a great way to do this is to put together a birthday catering offer. It is important that the dishes that will be on the birthday menu for children can be easily packaged and served for takeaway. Coated chicken works great for this. Not only is it hassle-free when it comes to takeaway but it also tastes great cold and can be served in many ways.


 birthday kids menu

Kids menu, restaurant for the whole family

It is more and more common to find whole families eating in restaurants. Parents are more likely to visit a restaurant if it has facilities for breastfeeding mums and young children. A kids party food, toilets with changing facilities or platforms, a play area or a place where mothers can breastfeed in comfort – the presence of such features is sure to be appreciated by your guests and will encourage them to visit your restaurant again and again.


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