Meat marinating machine – how to use a marinator and when it’s worth investing in one

The selection of equipment for a restaurant is closely linked to the chosen menu. Only after determining the variety and type of dishes to be served is it worth getting the right equipment for the restaurant. While in a chicken restaurant, a commercial deep fryer is absolutely essential, the purchase of a marinating machine is not so obvious. So when is it a good idea to buy a marinator? What is a vacuum marinator used for? And what is the benefit of marinating meat? Find out the advantages of this equipment and when it is good to invest in it.


meat marinating machines


Massaging the meat

In the preparation of meat dishes, massaging the meat is one of the crucial stages. As a chicken coating manufacturer, we always say to our customers: before coating, the meat must be marinated by massaging it thoroughly and intensively. The end result depends greatly on how it is done. Massaging the meat can be done manually or using professional equipment such as a marinating machine or vacuum marinator.


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What are the benefits of massaging the meat?

Before answering the question about what a marinator is used for and whether it will be useful in your establishment, it’s worth taking the time to consider what massaging meat actually does?

Massaging the meat:

  1. has the effect of loosening the muscle structure and partially destroying the cells
  2. improves the permeability of cell membranes
  3. makes it easier for the marinade (or saltwater) to penetrate the structure of the meat
  4. allows the marinade to be distributed evenly throughout the muscle tissue
  5. has a positive effect on the juiciness, tenderness and flavour of the meat
  6. gives the effect of tender meat with a firm texture


meat marinator


So, if you want your guests to enjoy a juicy burger, nuggets that are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, or a salad with crispy chicken pieces, you need to ensure that the meat is massaged properly. By hand or with the help of a marinating machine?

Marinator – when is it necessary?

Marinator – also known as a marinating machine – is essential in meat processing factories, but is also used in catering establishments, especially those that serve a lot of dishes with meat. So if you anticipate that your restaurant’s chicken sales will exceed 40 kilograms per day, be sure to invest in a marinator.


marinating machine


What is the marinating machine used for?

The meat marinating machine is also designed for massaging the meat. Thanks to it, you will save time and easily prepare meat for further processing. Using a vacuum marinator not only speeds up the entire process of preparing a dish, but also allows you to easily achieve the desired effect – well-marinated meat, juicy, full of flavour and aroma.

Traditional marinator vs. vacuum marinator

The vacuum marinator is very popular with those who particularly want to carry out the process of massaging the meat, marinating it and preparing it in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the vacuum technology, the meat fibres open up more quickly and absorb the marinade.

Marinator for meat, vegetables and fish

Vacuum massaging machines also function as marinators. They are excellent for massaging, marinating, flavouring, macerating, salting and tenderising various types of meat: poultry, beef, pork, fish, as well as vegetables and other food products. Meat prepared in a marinator changes its structure and taste, becomes juicier and more aromatic.


marinator tumbler


How does the marinator work?

Marinators are usually characterised by large drum capacities, high capacity and high massaging efficiency. Depending on the demand, both marinators and vacuum massaging machines are available with capacities ranging from 30 to 3,500 litres.

The process of massaging the meat takes place in the hermetically sealed drum of the marinator. The shape of the drum allows for accurate and even massaging, and its design ensures that the massaged product continuously circulates from the lid to the bottom. This gives the meat the desired tenderness and juiciness.

Vacuum marinator

The vacuum marinator carries out all these processes in a vacuum environment. The vacuum increases the efficiency of the meat flavouring and tenderising processes and at the same time reduces the processing time.


tumble marinator


The full massaging process

Vacuum marinators allow you to prepare meat for further processing with great precision and in a very short time. With them, you can easily and quickly massage and marinate any type of meat. They are worth trying, also because of their simplicity. The right operating parameters: speed of the drum rotation or appropriate duration of individual cycles will allow you to achieve the desired effect, save time and energy.


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When deciding to buy a marinator, choose marinating machines made of high-quality materials. It is important that the parts which come into contact with food during operation are made of acid-resistant steel. This will make it easy to keep the machine clean.

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