How to open a chicken restaurant? Do it with Holly Powder!

Opening a restaurant business is an adventure as well as a challenge. A number of activities to be performed, a list of decisions to be made, a solid business plan to be prepared… At a time like this, it’s good to have support. Someone who will help you make the right choices, share their knowledge and experience. It will help you save time and money. If you’re wondering how to open a chicken restaurant, here’s a hint: do it with the help of Holly Powder. A leading manufacturer of chicken coating and owner of a network of franchise and restaurant partnerships is offering its help to take the first step in the restaurant industry.


dishes in a restaurant with chicken


5 reasons to open a chicken restaurant

Is fast food a good idea for a catering business? Yes, especially if you bet on a restaurant serving crispy chicken in a golden coating. How can we be sure that this particular restaurant profile: fast food with chicken is the perfect business idea? Here are 5 reasons why you should open a chicken restaurant:


1. Chicken – the most popular and most frequently chosen meat.

Chicken strips can be enjoyed by everyone – both adults and children. Tasty and nutritious, perfect for a quick, snack as well as a dinner. By opening a chicken restaurant you become unrivalled against restaurants offering pizza or typical fast food bars.

2. Coated chicken can be prepared easily!

Especially if you use a ready-made coating dedicated for catering and coating instructions developed by Holly Powder, a coating and marinade manufacturer. Thanks to high-quality products and practical tips, you will easily and quickly prepare delicious chicken that doesn’t in any way differ from that served by the most popular chain of American-style chicken restaurants.

3. Convenient serving, convenient packaging

You can easily package the coated chicken and the dishes prepared using it and serve it for takeaway. Proper catering packaging is enough.

4. Low investment costs.

To prepare dishes using coated chicken, you only need basic catering equipment. You can serve chicken dishes from a food truck or for takeaway by running a restaurant in the dark kitchen style. The ease of preparation of the dish allows you to choose from a variety of options: fast food restaurant, restaurant, bistro, food hall or maybe cloud kitchen… Chicken will fit any catering business.

5. Using coated chicken as a base, you can create a variety of rich menus.

Burgers, tortillas and wraps, baguettes and toasts, waffles and salads – chicken goes well with any of these dishes.


Chicken coating - an essential product when running a chicken restaurant


How to open a restaurant? With Holly Powder of course!

Whether you decide to open a fast food restaurant or a shopping mall food hall, whether you serve chicken from a serving window or a food truck, you can always count on Holly Powder’s support. As a manufacturer of chicken coating, we have not only accumulated massive knowledge on the preparation of chicken and chicken-based dishes, but we have also gained extensive experience in running an American-style chicken restaurant. Holly Powder does not only offer coating products, but also marketing and training..

You will learn how to open a restaurant step by step

Not only do we own a network of franchise and partner establishments, but we also conduct a wide range of training activities – we provide substantive and practical support in the preparation of coated chicken and dishes with its participation, help deal with the formalities of opening an establishment and provide advice, willing to share our experience gained over the years. Want to find out how much money you need to open a restaurant, how much money a chicken restaurant makes, and how to implement your fast food idea in a small town? Benefit from Holly Powder’s knowledge.


preparation of chicken in a chicken restaurant


Opening a restaurant with Holly Powder – what support can you expect?

Here are the areas in which we will support you:


  1. Construction-technological and legal analysis of the establishment
  2. Analysis of local competition and opportunities for cooperation with the local market
  3. Kitchen equipment – assistance in selecting the right equipment for the premises in terms of the necessary catering equipment
  4. Development of workstation and production processes plans
  5. Preparation of coated chicken and fish and dishes based on them
  6. Guidelines for the HACCP system and OSH requirements
  7. Assistance in developing a menu, based on reliable recipes
  8. Developing the form of serving dishes and preparing a list of necessary disposable packaging
  9. Preparation of marketing materials – logos, menus, price lists, flyers, posters, photos for promotional purposes


chicken restaurant equipment


Construction-technological and legal analysis of the establishment

By working with Holly Powder, you will learn how to choose the right establishment and how to properly analyse it. We will show you how to inspect the place where you plan to open your own catering business. We will suggest how to assess the layout of the establishment, whether it meets the basic technical requirements and whether it has the right potential.

Analysis of local competition and opportunities for cooperation with the local market

How to analyse the competitors? How to assess the opportunity to work with local entities? How and where to find partners for collaborative activities? Before opening a restaurant, it is worth analysing the local market situation. Holly Powder will provide you with ready-made lists of questions so that you can make the necessary analyses quickly and easily.


instructions for preparing chicken for an american-style restaurant


Kitchen equipment – assistance in choosing the right equipment for the establishment

How to equip a catering business to make it functional? What equipment to invest in? Will you need a professional fryer or will a deep fryer suffice? Will you really need a mechanical tumbler? Is it worth investing in a heating lamp? With the help of Holly Powder, you will learn how to choose the right equipment for your restaurant and receive a helpful list of essential items.

Development of workstation and production processes plans

With the proper arrangement of the kitchen, the preparation of food will be efficient, comfortable and in accordance with sanitary and OSH requirements. How should you manage the space properly? What kind of stations to prepare? With professional support, you will learn how to properly plan the work in the kitchen in your own restaurant, how to equip each station and organise your work so that food preparation takes place in a safe and comfortable environment.


Preparing the chicken with the help of a Holly Powder trainer

Preparation of coated chicken and fish and dishes based on them

As a coating manufacturer, we have a powerful knowledge about coating, as well as practical experience in running a restaurant. Therefore, in addition to marinating and coating products, we also offer helpful instructional material to our customers. The instructions, which are full of practical tips accompanied by training provided by our trainer, make it easy to learn the coating techniques to achieve the perfect result in no time at all – a juicy chicken in a crispy, golden coating.

Guidelines for the HACCP system and OSH requirements

OSH and HACCP requirements are extremely important. How to implement developed systems to eliminate risks in your own restaurant? How to effectively ensure the safety of staff and customers? By working with Holly Powder you will receive professional support in this area as well.

fast food business idea


Assistance in developing a menu, based on reliable recipes

If you’re looking for a reliable, well-rounded menu based on coated chicken, you’ve come to the right place! Holly Powder will share its recipes for delicious dishes made with chicken. We will help you create an interesting menu for your customers, and show you how to expand it to make it attractive and varied, while including dishes that you can easily prepare in a matter of seconds. You will receive lots of interesting ideas, ready recipes and recipes from us, including tortillas, burgers and chicken salads.

Developing the form of serving dishes and preparing a list of necessary disposable packaging

How to serve dishes taking into account current trends and standards? How to serve food for takeaway and be eco? How to run delivery in your restaurant? You will find the answers to these and many other questions about serving food on site and for takeaway in our training materials Holly Powder also offers food packaging to make the transportation of your takeaway meals comfortable and hassle-free.


chicken bar idea


Preparation of marketing materials for your restaurant

Running a restaurant combines many diverse activities. From dish preparation to management to marketing activities. With the support of Holly Powder, you can handle anything. Are you looking for professional visual materials? Need professional photos to promote your restaurant? Holly Powder has a wide database of copyright images, appealing posters, flyers and price lists that you will be able to use both in the establishment and for social media promotion. They will help you stand out from the competition and advertise your catering business.

Good restaurant idea?

By now you should already know how to open your own chicken restaurant. With Holly Powder’s substantive and practical support, you will effortlessly go through every step – selecting and equipping the establishment, the formalities of starting a business, developing menu and preparing a promotional strategy. By working with Holly Powder, you will have access to both the products you need to prepare and serve coated chicken and the knowledge that the manufacturer is happy to share with its clients.


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