Disposable food packaging manufacturer tips on how to pack takeaway meals

Holly Powder means not only a high-quality chicken coating but also practical disposable packaging – perfect for packaging dishes for takeaway. As a manufacturer of disposable packaging, we make sure that the packaging of takeaway meals is convenient and fast, and that the packaging effectively protects the food during transport. Discover our catering packaging and find out how to package your meals for takeaway.


Holly Powder: manufacturer of disposable food packaging for the catering industry

The main product of the Holly Powder brand is the catering coating for chicken and fish. Knowing that dishes based on coated chicken are perfect for takeaway, we have developed a wide range of disposable packaging. Amongst others, you will find packaging for fries chicken buckets, wrap boxes and packaging for burgers. Our customers appreciated this solution:


manufacturer of take-away packaging for catering


Comprehensive solutions save both time and money, says Martyna, owner of a fast-food outlet, in one place I can buy the coating for the chicken and a set of packaging in which I package the dishes. Manufacturer of disposable food packaging who knows the products served in them well is the perfect situation! The packaging is designed to meet most expectations.”


manufacturer of take-away packaging


Premium quality packaging

As a manufacturer of food packaging, we are continually learning from the knowledge we have gained as a coating manufacturer and franchise owner of a restaurant chain. As a result, the packaging we offer has practical facilities and is of high quality.

What are the main characteristics of Holly Powder packaging?


printed paper packaging - manufacturer of disposable packaging


1.    Paper packaging is made of rigid yet lightweight cardboard

We are committed to protecting the environment and opt for eco-friendly solutions. We urge our customers to do the same. Customers will certainly appreciate this.


2.    Space-saving packaging

The packaging is designed for self-assembly. Thanks to this they take up little space and are convenient to store. They take seconds to assemble and it’s really easy.


3.    Packaged food does not get soggy

This is the result of special holes that the catering packaging supplier has placed in several places. They keep food crispy for longer.


4.    Printed packaging in appealing colours

We use our knowledge of colours and select them so that they not only look great and catch the eye, but also go well with the food and whet the appetite. As the food packaging manufacturer, we want to ensure that the food served for takeaway is not only well protected, but also looks appealing.


5.    A French fries envelope, bucket lids, box with compartments

Our packaging for takeaway features a number of facilities. The fries packaging comes in an envelope shape, so you can easily fit them on top of a chicken bucket or in a box as an add-on. The contents of the bucket will not spill out during transport thanks to the practical lids, and the compartments in the box will enable the multi-ingredient set to be conveniently packaged.

How to serve dishes for takeaway

So how do you package your dishes for takeaway so that they are both properly protected and appealing? Here are some helpful tips to help you serve a takeaway burger, strips, tortilla and French fries set with ease.


colour-printed catering packaging straight from the manufacturer


Perfectly protected tortilla

When serving tortillas, the correct rolling of the filled wrap is only half the battle. The way it is packaged is also of great importance. Thanks to its solid construction, the Holly Powder tortilla packaging effectively protects the wrap from damage, and the special perforation together with the tear-off tabs ensure maximum comfort for the customer. The tortilla can be eaten without removing it from the packaging. Simply tear off the tab along the perforation, remove the top and enjoy the wrap without the risk of its contents spilling out.


burger packaging - disposable packaging manufacturer


Properly selected burger packaging

The secret to a well-packaged burger lies in the right choice of package size. In a box that is too small, the burger will be compressed and quickly become unappealing. A box too big will not provide effective protection and the burger will fall apart during transport. Fully aware of this, we offer a burger box in a standard size, perfect for the most common bun size. Wrap the burger in paper and put it in a burger box. Serve in a paper bag with napkins.

Chicken bucket in two sizes

Coated chicken is a snack that looks great in a bucket. We offer chicken buckets in two sizes. You can successfully pack them not only with chicken strips or coated chicken wings, but also with French fries.


chicken bucket - disposable packaging manufacturer


You can fit 6 chicken wings, 6 chicken strips and 3 portions of French fries in the small bucket. Simply place the finished chicken pieces in a bucket, cover with a lid and place 3 envelopes of fries on top. Serve the whole thing in a paper bag with 3 sauces of your choice in containers, 3 plates and cutlery and 6 napkins.

The large bucket can hold up to 25 pieces of coated chicken, or almost one kilo of it! Match the sizes of the sets in your offer to the capacity of the buckets – this way the customer gets a bucket of chickens filled to the brim. This will certainly meet with their satisfaction and contribute to them ordering some food again.


manufacturer of take-away packaging for catering


Box for a sandwich set

The Holly Powder chicken box will be perfect for packaging a set. Simply put a sandwich or 3 pieces of chicken strips in the box, French fries served in an envelope and serve the whole thing in a paper bag along with some napkins.

Party Box – a number of possibilities

How do we fill our party box to make it look grand and appealing? Here are our suggestions for up to 3 sets that you can successfully fit into a Party Box:

  • portion of French fries, 3 pieces of chicken strips, 3  pieces of chicken wings, 4 onion rings
  • French fries, 2 pieces of chicken strips, 2 pieces of quesadilla, 4 cheese balls
  • French fries, a mini wrapper, 4 onion rings and 3 pieces of wings.


catering disposable packaging ideal for take-away - from the manufacturer


Of course, this is just a suggestion. Thanks to the movable dividers, various modifications can be easily made and multiple compositions of dishes and side dishes can be served in it. Of course, the box is served with napkins in a paper bag.

Manufacturer of food packaging: we focus on the environment

manufacturer of disposable packaging - offering chicken buckets with a practical lid


When packaging dishes for takeaway, it is worth choosing environmentally friendly solutions instead of plastic, for example. Single-use plastic packaging is part of the list of end-of-life products. This is linked to the introduction of the Waste Management Act and the withdrawal of some from sales. Holly Powder’s disposable paper packaging is not only environmentally safe, but protects the food packaged in it. By choosing Holly Powder’s packaging from the offer of other food packaging suppliers, you are effectively caring for the environment, protecting your dishes and keeping them aesthetically pleasing.

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