What to add to French fries? Check out our ideas

It is well known that the most popular addition to coated chicken is French fries. What to serve this most popular snack with? What to add to French fries? What to season them with? What seasoning for French fries works best? Find out how to add variety to French fries served with coated chicken.


French fries with fresh herbs and salt


What to serve French fries with?

French fries are a favourite snack for children and adults alike. We opt for them when we get a little hungry and as an addition for dinner. They are filling and tasty, and go well with both meat and vegetarian dishes. Knowing to prepare crispy French fries is a must for anyone working in a catering business. It is the most widely sold fast food in the world. Certainly the most well-known addition to French fries is ketchup, but you can serve them in many ways without a fail.


fries topped with breaded chicken, sauce and ketchup


Classic additions to fries

French fries with ketchup or with mayonnaise are the most common way of serving them. No wonder, ketchup and mayonnaise (and often even a combination of the two) is a must-have addition for many French fries lovers. But French fries with other additions are starting to appear more often on the menus. For those who want to offer new flavours to their local customers and serve French fries in a new way, we have some appealing suggestions.


How to serve takeaway French fries?


Serving French fries with a dip

All kinds of sauces go well with fries. Those based on mayonnaise as well as tomatoes or yoghurt will work great. You can prepare garlic, mustard, dill or the (now iconic) tzatziki dip in just a few moments. Of course, they can also be served with other sauces depending on the preference of the customer. When serving French fries with sauces, it is a good idea to consider the choice of packaging for French fries. It is also a good idea to put the sauce in a separate container. This ensures that the sauce does not spill out during transport and the fries retain their crispiness longer than fries served together with sauce.


French fries with fresh herbs

French fries with fresh herbs? That’s right! They will ensure the dish has a fresh, herbal aroma and a very appealing appearance. Chop the chives or the arugula into smaller pieces and sprinkle them over the crispy fries. The green of the herbs and the golden colour of the fries work beautifully together and are certainly inviting to have a taste.


Side dishes for French fries such as roasted onions and fresh herbs


Crispy fries with roasted onions

Roasted onions are another idea for adding variety to your fries. Simply pour some mayonnaise sauce over the fries and sprinkle with onions. The intense flavour of the onions combined with the pleasant crunching… such a combination will please any lover of these potato snacks.


how to serve fries


French fries with your favourite spices

A ready-made seasoning mix dedicated to fries is a solution that will work in any fast food restaurant. The right composition of herbs, spices and salt will give the fries a completely new taste, as well as a pleasant aroma. It makes the fries look very appealing. Using ready-made mixes has many advantages. It guarantees a reproducible result, reduces preparation time and eliminates the risk of failure (and therefore you do not run the risk of additional costs) that culinary experimentation entails.


 How to serve French fries?



What to add to French fries? Cheddar or chorizo?

French fries with cheese and meat is another idea how to serve fries. Sprinkle the hot French fries with shredded cheese. Choose a cheese that will ‘pull’ appealingly. Cheeses that you can successfully use as toppings for your French fries are cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella. If you want to serve fries with meat additions, opt for sliced chorizo, bacon or pulled pork.


French fries with a sprinkle or kapsalon


French fries, chicken and vegetables

Kapsalon is a dish that came to us from the Netherlands. French fries, seasoned chicken and a vegetable salad with dressing is more than just a fast food snack. The richness of flavours, the multitude of ingredients and their combination make this a real feast. A great option for a quick and nutritious dinner. It is worth introducing this dish to the menu and serving at lunchtime. It will be a certain success!


How can you serve the French fries?


Spicy French fries

Seasoning the French fries is the key if you want to offer a quick snack for lovers of highly spicy dishes. What to add to your French fries to make them both spicy and delicious? Hot peppers, chilli peppers, Jalapeno peppers or ready-made spicy sauce will work great.


French fries for children


Crispy potato fries and other vegetables

Do you think nothing compares to crispy potato chips? And yet, French are not just potatoes cut into sticks, but also other vegetables fried or baked in the oven. You can successfully prepare them with celery, beetroot, carrot or sweet potatoes as well. Serve vegetables cut into sticks baked to a crisp on the Kids Menu. Such a warm and healthy snack is perfect for children – healthy, nutritious and colourful. What’s more, it’s convenient to eat – no cutlery is required and it’s ideally suited to the little hands of the youngest visitors.



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