Products for fish

What is necessary to prepare some delicious crispy fish?

Fried fish

fish marinade



The packaging contains 150 g. Use one pack to marinate 5 kg of fish fillets. For understanding, mix 600 ml water and 30g of Holly powder marinade for making 1 kg of fish fillet.


After the process of marinating the fish tastes fresh, natural and delicious – juiciness is as well guaranteed.

fish seasoning



The packaging contains 200g of aromatic fish seasoning, which is useful for 20 kg of fish – VERY EFFICIENT! Fish should be seasoned just before coating and frying. OUR SEASONING and YOUR FISH make your meals tasty and unforgettable.


See and enjoy fish and chips in its special way.

fish coating



You need one package – 7 kg to coat about 15 kg of marinated fish. Our coating is designated for CHICKEN and FISH! The crispiness is dominant from the first to the last bite. Have a Try!!


Therefore let convince yourself by HOLLY POWDER!