To guarantee highest quality of Holly Powder we choose our ingredients for the marinade and coating very carefully.


Our marinade is responsible for intense flavour, spiciness and juiciness – the coating for shiny, golden and pleasing appearance. We combined highest quality with unforgettable taste and flavour.

Fried Chicken Coating Recipe

spicy chicken marinade

“Spicy” Chicken Marinade


The packaging contains 170 g. This amount allows marinating 5 kg of fresh meat.


The marinade gives the meat excellent taste, juiciness and a perfect composition of spiciness. To prepare our marinade use water in a 20% proportion to the available weight of the meat and mix it with our Holly Powder marinade (powder) – follow our instructions. Now put the meat in the mixture.


The marinade gets soaked up by the meat and the result is 6 kg of marinated fresh meat. During this process you gain on quantity.

Chicken marinade



The packaging contains 130 g. This amount also allows marinating 5 kg of fresh meat.


Ideal for children and people preferring mild dishes – the mild version. It is the same way of preparing our mild marinade like our hot and spicy marinade above.


To prepare it follow the instructions for “Spicy Chicken Marinade”.

Fried chicken coating



The packaging contains 7 kg of coating. Between 2 – 3 kg of coating are necessary to coat 6 kg of marinated meat.


Experience and individual technique will lead to an economical use of coating. You save coating and money. TRY IT and make sure how easy it is to make coated chicken and fish. The coating has a light and delicate consistence. After frying the characteristics show shiny, golden and undulating appearance, which are responsible to make all dishes extremely crispy.


Holly Powder coating fits perfectly together with chicken and fish. USE FOR CHICKEN AND FISH.