How we do it

Little things are necessary – fresh meat and HOLLY POWDER products: mild or spicy marinade and coating.


Marinate the meat, coat it and fry in deep oil. HOLLY POWDER components are the secret of the great taste. THAT IS ALL! Enjoy your tasty and excellent meal.

marinade and coating for chicken and fish






Choose between mild and spicy marinade and finish the mixture by mixing it with water.


The aromatic marinade imparts valuable flavour. Its intensity and aroma penetrates the meat what makes it more tasty and appetizing. The coating has got a very delicate consistency. After frying, it is gold, crispy and makes the dish look delicious.

holly-powder-minSTEP 2

Marinating and coating



Marinating: Place the fresh meat in the marinade for some time (follow our instructions). Coating: Right afterwards coat the marinated meat (follow our instructions).


For coating use:

  • container for the coating
  • the sieve to remove the excess coating from the coated meat
  • container with cold water
  • the sieve/basket for watering (for coating of larger amounts of meat)

Fried chicken deep fryer


holly-powder-minSTEP 3




All you need is a common fryer. To speed up the frying process for bigger chicken pieces (especially with bones, for example: wings…) use a pressure fryer. The process of frying forms a matchless coating – shiny, golden and crispy!

holly-powder-minSTEP 4

Final dish



Enjoy your chicken meals right after frying. Hot and fresh OR after some time as a cold snack. There is no way to resist such delicacies!

crispy chicken



You are welcome to visit our photo gallery. See for yourself what our marinade and coating make out of chicken and fish. Have A LOOK!