Food Packaging – how to serve food on the spot and take away

Every restaurateur is wondering how and in what way to serve dishes in his restaurant so that they look appetizing and in addition do not lose quality. No less worrying is the packaging for serving meals to take away, when there is a question of what to pack the dish to deliver it safely to the customer. In today’s article will advise on what to look for when choosing packaging for food and what unobvious roles it performs.

FOOD PACKAGING – why is it so important?

It may seem that takeaway packaging only protects the food served and delivered to the customers. Nothing could be further from the truth! Of course the safe delivery of the food is the most important aspect, but a well chosen packaging can have a number of other equally important functions.

Food packaging is designed to protect the food being served from external factors, e.g., packaging for tortillas protects the food from being squeezed while eating, prevents the tortilla from spilling out, and gives the customer the comfort of eating it. This function is also important when transporting food for take-out or delivery. The packaging protects the food from dirt and shocks. Thanks to good quality packaging the food will not lose its quality, i.e. it will remain warm but will not burn.

packaging for gastronomy
packaging for fried chicken
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So what else do food packaging serve?

Certainly for the convenience of both employees and customers. High quality packaging influences the convenience of service (packaging), exposing or serving the dish, which allows to optimize the work time in the kitchen.

Packaging for gastronomy is increasingly available in different sizes, which allows you to control the portions of prepared food. The small box offered by our company allows our customers to prepare Strips box, which consists of 2 strips and a portion of fries (100 g). After placing 2 strips in the box, there is enough space left for fries for an experienced staff member to put a portion of fries without additional weighing. This way the dish is prepared and served to the customer faster.

Have you ever wondered whether the packaging in which you serve food can support the promotion of your premises? One of our clients pointed out how food packaging works with customers. He told us,

“In my city there are several restaurants, but only I decided to use packaging with appetizing, universal graphics. I once noticed a customer eating a dish from my restaurant on a bench in a park. Believe me, people passing by also take notice.”

What does this mean? Packaging can be a medium for advertising! Additionally, by serving meals in ecological packaging (avoid plastic) you build a positive image of your restaurant!



food packaging boxes

Food service packaging therefore serves such purposes as:


  • protective function (safety of dishes during transfer),
  • comfort and time optimization in the kitchen,
  • portion control,
  • marketing and image building.

You already know how important foodservice packaging is. Now it’s time to choose them.



Consider what kind of food packaging you will need in your restaurant. Prepare a list of dishes and choose the right packaging for each of them. There is a lot of dedicated packaging available on the market for specific dishes e.g. an envelope for fries, tortilla wrap packaging or a burger packaging box, which should make this task easier for you.

Don’t forget that the packaging you choose will be stored in your restaurant so it is important that the food packaging manufacturer you choose offers packaging that is as customized as possible to your needs. Try to choose food packaging in which you can serve more than one dish or serve them in the same packaging on the premises as takeaway. Minimize the amount of packaging you choose:

  • You have the chance to get a better price offer by buying larger quantities of the selected package,
  • You save on storage space,
  • you will optimize the time of packaging meals for your customers.

As a manufacturer and supplier of products for gastronomy, we have prepared for our customers a range of packaging for gastronomy, maximally adapted to restaurants serving both breaded chicken dishes and other fast food such as burgers, tortillas or fries. A full list of packaging and information on which dishes it is intended for can be found HERE.

party box for fried chicken


We know from experience that choosing the right supplier is challenging, so start by checking the most important points:

  • OFFER: Is the choice of packaging sufficient for you. Ideally, you should purchase from one supplier, which will simplify the logistical processes in your establishment.
  • QUALITY: before you decide to buy a large quantity of food packaging, test it and check the quality. Our company as a supplier and manufacturer of catering packaging offers free packaging samples to each customer when purchasing the Starter Kit. As a result, many of our customers have taken advantage of our packaging offer.
  • ORDER REALIZATION: and product availability. It is important that orders are processed on an ongoing basis and selected food packaging is available.


Packaging for gastronomy is an important choice. They affect not only the appearance of the dishes served at the restaurant but also the convenience of working in the kitchen and the safety of meals delivered to your customers.  So we invite you to check out our range of packaging for gastronomy available here.

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