Food packaging – how to serve food on site and takeaway

Food packaging is an extremely important issue for anyone who has decided to serve take-away and delivery meals. Restaurateurs not only think about how and in what form to serve their guests, but also about how to pack the food so that it reaches the customer safely.

What to pay attention to when choosing packaging for catering? Where to buy the best fries packaging and other disposable packaging? How to use them for marketing purposes? See below how to pack and serve takeaway meals professionally.


food boxes

Food boxes – why so important?

It might seem that food catering packaging has only a protective function for meals served and delivered to customers. Nothing further from the truth! Of course, safe delivery of food is an extremely important aspect, however well-chosen packaging can perform a number of other equally important functions. So remember to bet on such catering packaging that will prove themselves in every field and will meet your highest expectations.

Catering boxes? It’s crucial!

Disposable boxes should, first of all, protect the served dish against external factors. What do the owners of catering facilities who serve food for delivery pay special attention to?

“What is important in choosing best food boxes? First of all, they should protect the dish against damage, heat loss and fogging. It’s also important that they prevent the content from moving or spilling out during transport. For me it is also important that they have the necessary certificates, effectively retain fat inside and are resistant to the appearance of greasy, unsightly stains”.

Making the right choice is extremely important. Often the success of introducing a takeaway or delivery option depends on the right choice of packaging materials.

The best disposable packaging

So what is the best take-away packaging? Definitely solid and durable, made of lightweight but rigid cardboard. It keeps food warm for a long time and protects it against rocking. Equipped with a practical closure, a lid or a catch. For example, such a package for tortillas protects the dish from being squeezed while eating, so that it does not spill over and remains convenient for eating.


snack packaging


When choosing a cardboard box for chicken or other snacks, it is also worth paying attention to whether it is equipped with holes to drain excess steam as well as coated with a special protective varnish.

Deliver food and safe the planet

What kind of packaging is ecological? Definitely the one that is the most harmless for the nature. Biodegradable, planet-friendly cardboard boxes are a much better choice than the recently fashionable plastic containers. Plastic beverage cups, plastic straws, cutlery, or plates should have been abandoned long ago. The guests of your eating place will certainly appreciate your new approach. Regardless of whether you choose cups, food boxes or disposable spoons – go green. Not only will you improve your image but also make a contribution to conscious brand building.

Choose nature-friendly food packaging

Using paper boxes equals convenience. Unfolded, they take up little space so it makes them easy to store, and folding them is easy and takes seconds. They can also affect the effective optimization of working time in the kitchen. Handy, high-quality materials ensure the staff comfort in packing and serving the dish. The customer, on the other hand, is guaranteed convenient transport of the dish and enjoying it outside the restaurant.

Catering boxes in a variety of sizes

The packaging offered by Holly Powder comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. In the offer you will find bipartite, tripartite boxes, equipped with practical closures, adapted for serving small and large portions. Appropriate adjustment of boxes allows not only better protection of dishes during transport, but also more comfortable packaging and easier control of served portions.

For example, offered by our company Box small for chicken allows you to pack comfortably a set, which includes 2 strips and a portion of French fries (100 g). After packing the strips in the box there is as much space for fries as there should be in the set. Thanks to this, an experienced employee can pack these snacks without additional weighing, which shortens the time of order completion and delivery.


burger packaging

Printed packaging – a way to advertise

Have you ever wondered whether the food boxes in which you serve take-away meals can support the promotion of your premises? One of the restaurateurs we work with pointed out how they work with customers. He told us:

“In my city there are several food outlets serving takeaway meals, but I was the only one who decided to pack them in a cardboard box with appetizing, universal graphics. I once spotted a customer eating a dish from my restaurant on a bench in a park. Believe me, people passing by also take notice.”

So what’s the implication? The disposable box can be a medium for advertising! By serving meals in green packaging you additionally build a positive image of your restaurant!

Colorful cardboard boxes

Colorful fried chicken buckets or boxes for snack sets with attractive imprints are not only eye-catching but also emphasize the appetizing appearance of the food served in them. The colors of the boxes make the food packed in them look even more delicious and inviting. Surely you always pay a lot of attention to the fact that the dish served on the spot is served in the most aesthetic way. Why shouldn’t you take care of this when serving food to-go?

Practical food packaging

To sum up, the food boxes you will use for serving take-away or home-made meals can have several functions:

  • protective function – protecting the dish during transport,
  • convenience of packaging and optimization of time in the kitchen,
  • easier control of portions,
  • marketing function – advertising and image building

You already know how important proper packaging of meals served to take away is and what to pay attention to when buying packaging for your restaurant. Now it’s time to choose.


custom printed paper boxes

Where to start?

While preparing the material for this article, we talked to several restaurateurs on how to prepare well for the introduction of the option of ordering with delivery and serving meals to go. Here’s the advice they shared with us:

“First, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of food boxes you will need in your restaurant. Prepare a list of dishes and choose the right box for each of them. There are many containers available on the market dedicated to specific dishes. Bags for fries, burger boxes, chicken bucket packaging… It really makes the task easier”.

Universal products and their functionality

Restaurateurs also pointed out the importance of thinking about container storage and finding all-purpose packaging:

“Don’t forget that you’ll be storing cartons on-premises, so it’s important that the foodservice packaging manufacturer you choose offers containers that are as customized as possible to your needs. I always make sure that the store offers what I really need.”

“Choose the type of box that you will use to serve a variety of dishes, both on-premises and take-away. By minimizing the number of types you choose, you stand a chance of getting a much better price offer. You’ll also save on storage space and optimize packing time for to-go meals.”

Food packaging manufacturer – what to focus on?

We know from experience that choosing the right supplier is quite a challenge. Therefore, before you decide which store to choose, get to know its offer, the quality of its products and timeliness of orders. Check:

    • if the offered assortment is sufficient for you, and the choice of products and their dimensions meet your needs. Remember that sourcing from one supplier eases the logistical processes in your restaurant.
    • the quality of the offered products and the materials they are made of are intended to come into contact with food. Before you decide to buy a large batch of packages, test them.
    • whether orders are delivered on a regular basis, the quality of service, delivery process, if the store offers shipping throughout Poland, etc.


eco-friendly packaging

Holly Powder packaging

Choosing the right boxes dedicated to serving take-away meals is extremely important. It affects not only the appearance of dishes, but also the convenience of work in the kitchen and the safety of dishes delivered to your customers.

As a manufacturer and supplier of catering products, we have prepared an attractive range of packaging for restaurants serving breaded chicken dishes, as well as for burger restaurants, bars, and other catering establishments specializing in snacks such as tortillas, nuggets, sandwiches or fries.

Where to buy disposable packaging?

We encourage you to reach for the products offered by Holly Powder. Purchasing a Starter Pack of our flagship products we offer free packaging samples. As a result, many of Holly Powder’s customers benefit from our offer. Fast delivery is a priority for us, and every product on our menu is of high quality and functionality. We invite you to take a look at our offer for food packaging.


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