Workshop & Training

Our trained staff will show you the secret of coated “American Way” Chicken Stripes. While practising you receive from our staff detailed instructions for the preparation of appetizing, crispy and juicy golden chicken and fish products.


There remain no unanswered questions. In our training you will realize there are only a few steps necessary to obtain a convincing result. Follow our instructions.


Take part in our workshops and serve your customers in the future delicious coated chicken and fish products. As part of a Holly-Powder product presentation we will show you the proper use of marinating and coating directly at your restaurant.


Look forward to:

  • How to cut the meat properly?
  • How to marinate the meat to bring the taste to best advantage?
  • How to prepare the marinade?
  • How to coat and fry chicken and fish?
  • Menu suggestions (burgers, tortilla, stripes …)


With our instructions you will succeed in preparing coated dishes with chicken and fish.


Please contact us for further informations.

Try our products!

Order a Holly-Powder Starter Package (2 x 4 kg coating, 4 marinades), this allows you, for example, the preparation of 20 kg of fresh chicken meat. Learn about our products and let convince yourself!

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